Thanksgiving Table Decoration, A Napkin Covered Foam Pumpkin

I bought this foam pumpkin last year at Joanns in their after Halloween clearance. It had the back cut out of it to be used as a fairy garden (but of course, I had no idea what it was to be used for when I bought it.) Start with acrylic paint, any inexpensive paint will work…Color the pumpkin a color that will work well showing through the napkin. I used a foam brush, and covered the entire pumpkin with the paint. After it’s dry, you need to separate your napkin front from the other layers. The easiest way to do this, is to put washi tape on the back near the edge and pull the back away from the front of the napkin. After separating my napkin, i cut off the border on the top and bottom of my napkins, and used them as the center of my pumpkin. I used Fiskars scissors that I love and will link the video on my favorite scissors to the end of this video. I used matte Mod Podge for my glue and the best way to lay your napkins down, is to cut them into strips so the strips lay beside each other and don’t overlap…If they overlap, you’ll see that in the finished product. .I found that the project worked better if I didn’t coat the napkin with Mod Podge until the whole pumpkin is covered and the underneath Mod Podge is dry. You really need to make sure that you use enough Mod Podge under the napkins to ensure it’s glued down. You’ll also want to be gentle when laying your napkins down, as they tear easily. I had a problem with putting glue over the napkins while working on the backside of the pumpkin, and my napkins adhered to the paper surface underneath the pumpkin and tore. (That’s the reason I don’t recommend you putting the Mod Podge on it while the napkins are still wet underneath.) After applying the napkin layers and making sure the napkins and Mod Podge underneath are dry, paint any areas that have overlapped napkin that you don’t like, and then once the paint is dry, recover it with Mod Podge and a new piece of napkin that fits exactly where you’ve painted. I painted the center of my pumpkin and applied the pattern from the bottom and top edges of my napkins. Then after it’s dry, Mod Podge over it. I painted the stem of my pumpkin with green and brown acrylic paints and then Mod Podge’d them. Then I took a moss matt and glued it inside my pumpkin and bought some Halloween decorations to put inside my pumpkin next year as well as add some lights inside as well.


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