I made the peek-a-boo card on video and still had issues.  I’m not certain why that card has so many issues, it just does.  I have trouble getting mine to stay shut, making sure my hidden message is wide enough, pretty much everything is a mystery on this card.  I’m not sure though, if the people who made it on video have good results either, or just fake like they do..Is that wrong of me?  Probably so.  I feel like they sugar coat when things go wrong..maybe don’t show the whole card, or hold it a certain way so you don’t see what’s going wrong.

Regardless, I finished it and hope people can follow my directions.  of course when I needed my camera to work at its best, it had an error on one segment so that part isn’t on video.  I tried to explain what needed to be done in that segment, but it’s really not the same thing as showing it.  I feel really bad when that happens, but not bad enough to recreate the entire card, that’s for sure.

I’ll probably sleep on it tonight and tomorrow decide I need to re-video that section.  OK, I’m already pretty sure I’m going to have to somehow recreate that part of the card, darn it.  Oh well, these things happen, especially to me.

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