Peek a Boo Slider Card, A Christmas Fun Fold Card

My friend Kelly asked me to give this card a try. I went to Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts on YouTube for inspiration. If you make this card, you can’t alter the size of the punch. I recommend you using a 2″ circle punch or die, as that’s what Dawn used, and hers came out well.

Here’s the link to the holiday sales I found last year and wanted to share with all of you.

It’s important that you write on two pieces of paper “front” and “inside” and attach

Inside — 4 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ colored card stock
4 1/4 x 5 3/4″ white (or a color you can stamp on)

Front — 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ colored
3 x 4 1/4″ white

Scoring on the:
Inside pieces:
4 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ score on the 8 1/2″ length at 4 1/4″ (this is now square when folded)
4 1/4″ x 5 3/4″ white piece, score on the 5 3/4″ length at 5 1/2″ (so you only have a 1/4″ score)
On your front: Score only the
3″ x 4 1/4″ white piece, score on the 3″ length at 2 3/4″

Using a really strong adhesive, (I use tear tape),
on the front of the card, fold your raised score under and put tear tape on top on the 1/4″ piece that is scored, up to the score line, but not over it, then attach it to the back of your card front. Then rub it to make sure it is well adhered and fold it under so you know it will stay attached.
On the inside of the card, fold the score down on the white card stock, and put tear tape on the edge up to the score, but not over it. Then attach it to the back of the red paper…

Take the front of the card and fold it closed so you are looking at the white and colored card stock. You will want to punch or use a die that is 2″ round (if possible) and center it on the colored card stock and cut it out.

If you want paper to cover the outside of your card, you’ll cut it to 4 1/8″ high by 5 3/8″. Once you’ve cut the circle out of your front (or an oval), you’ll put the decorated paper on the front where it would be once it’s glued down and put a paperclip on it to hold it there. Flip it over and take a pencil and draw the inside of your cut circle or oval. Then using your punch or die, cut that out. If you can, use a larger punch or die and center it over your pencil lines and cut that out, so you have a frame around the front of your card.

Now to the inside of the card…make sure the white part is to the left of where you are cutting. You’re going to line up the front of the card over the colored card stock from the inside of your card, making sure the right edges line up. then using your pencil, draw a line around the inside of your circle or oval. Then using your punch or die, cut this out. Then trace inside that hole and cut the other piece of your colored card stock (that’s inside the fold)—make sure you don’t cut through the white card stock that’s attached to it.

On the white of your card inside, you’ll want to have drawn a circle or oval where the colored card stock folds on it, and then you’ll want to do your stamping here. I used Color Box Archival Black Ink and Sunny Studios Bundled Up stamp set for this.
For the front of your card, you will take the front and push the white piece into the inside of the card as far as it will go, and draw a circle or oval where the opening is, so you can stamp in the right place. You’ll need to erase this mark when you are done. I had an issue with my first card, and had to add another layer in that opening and didn’t have any issue with the card opening or closing.
I took water markers from Stampin’ Up and scribbled them on some plastic and added a little water and watercolored my penguin with a fuchsia, orange, gold and gray.
I apologize that I had camera issues and was out of frame for my ribbon. I added tear tape to the back of the decorated paper I added…use some wet glue as well to give you wiggle room when laying the two down.
To put the card together. take the front of your card (open) and lay it over the right side of your inside of the card (the part that is furthest away from the white paper. I added tear tape to the front of the inside of my card as well as wet glue, then took the card front (open) and line it up with the edges of the colored card stock inside of the card.
I used three falling snowflakes peg stamp that I just bought and used Melon Mambo ink from Stampin’ Up to stamp around the penguin. I added evergreen trees to the envelope with Garden Green ink from Stampin’ Up. Here’s the link to the trees. and the snowflake stamps.

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