I loved making the peek-a-boo card to help my friend Kelly, who really struggled with it.  It wasn’t an easy card to master and I’m still not very comfortable with it.  I spent most of the day yesterday working on my craft room.  I wanted to go through all of my tools and supplies and decide which ones I’ll be using and which ones I’d like to donate to the women in Puerto Rico.  I have so much stuff and I’m ashamed that I have let it get so out of control.  I have embellishments that I must have thought I would use at some point, but aren’t anything I’d really every use.  In the beginning, I bought things thinking I would make cards for kids and cards for men etc., and that’s really just not the case.  I primarily make “thinking of you,” get well, thank you, sympathy and birthday cards.  The birthday cards I make are almost always for women (except Rich’s card), so masculine themed cards just aren’t something I make many of.

To make a long story short, I’m really starting to make a dent in the huge piles of craft supplies I own.  I’m happy about it, because now I feel like I have a grip on my supplies, whereas before, I felt like they owned me.

I can’t wait to finish my de-cluttering, so that I can make the boxes and get them in the mail.  I know it will be a huge weight off of my shoulders when I hand them to the post office to send.  I can’t wait.

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