If you’ve left a comment for me on my blog, I feel really badly, because I accidentally made my blog comments spam on email, so I wasn’t getting any notifications about them.  I realize that’s a pretty lame excuse, but I’m going to jump on it today and try to figure out how to find them from this page instead of email.

Once I’ve done that, my life will be back on track..I absolutely hate it when I miss any comments on YouTube, Facebook or on this blog.  It was a commitment I made to myself when I started the YouTube channel…I was going to answer comments until there were so many, that it’s virtually impossible to keep up with them.  I know a lot of the bigger YouTube pages let their comments go unanswered, and I’ve always wondered why people continue to leave comments for them.  One of my favorite parts of YouTube is the interaction with viewers and I think it’s sad that others don’t find the same joy from it.

We had our first real snow last night and had a couple of inches on the ground.  We’ve had snow earlier in the November, but it didn’t accumulate.  Luckily, it’s already melting, and I see grass again, so life is good.

Did I mention my plan to make easy gift bags?  I’m not creating the bags, but will be decorating them.  I thought it would be fun to create a handle for them too.  This is sounding really familiar so I probably already talked about it.  I think I could be losing my mind.  I’d bet if I read a month’s worth of blog posts, I probably repeat topics at least a third of the time.  I need to start writing down what I talk about instead of just jumping in with an idea.  That’s an exaggeration, as I don’t even jump in with an idea, mostly I just jump in.  I’d love to say I’ve got a plan for what I want to talk about, but mainly I just start telling you about my day, or a project I’m working on, and go from there.  No planning required.

I know I told you about Aggie going to the vet, and feeling really frisky when she got home.  She’s not been feeling well the last couple of days, and we started to worry that we’d have to make a big decision about her.  But today, she decided she needed to go for a walk and did.  She roamed around our backyard and accidentally walked into a tree.  She wasn’t walking very fast, so it just surprised her..these are the things that happen when you’re an old lady.  Oh, and a couple of nights ago, she walked to the front of our yard where it slants toward a dead end street.  She fell down and before Rich could get his shoes on, walk to her and pick her up, she’d already decided to take a nap…Like I said, it’s not easy getting old.  Some days are better than others, and today is a good day (other than walking into a tree.)

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