I thought I’d buy myself one stamp set that I’ve been looking at, and today was the day.  I’ve been trying to go onto Simon Says Stamp for at least six hours and their website is down.  I’ve got to wonder, how much traffic would it take to bring down a site like theirs?  Six hours is my maximum commitment, so I’ve decided to kick this stamp set ot the curb.  It’s not like I need it anyway, but since their sale ends tonight, I thought I’d buy it.

I made a video today showing different ways to make paper look like it’s got a marble finish.  I tried using the word “marbilized,” but that wasn’t correct, so went with “marble finish” instead.  I had a really good time with the different techniques, and think the video will go over well.  It’s always fun to show a technique that’s simple and also, one that can be done in a variety of manners.  I think I show six different ways to make paper have a marble finish.  Geez, what’s the correct way to say that?  I think I’m losing my mind.  It’s probably something really simple, and I need to figure out the proper terminology before I put the video up.  It’s going to look really foolish if I call it marble finish…It won’t be the first or last time I’ve looked foolish, but I’d prefer not to, if I can avoid it.

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