I got a request from a viewer to make a video showing how to make a Heidi Swapp iridescent paint.  So I figured, why not?  I should try to make it and while I’m doing that, I should also make some Wink of Stella.  I always love trying to replicate a product, and helping others save money at the same time.  I made the paint and think it came out close to the real thing…here’s the funny thing..I didn’t know I already had a bottle of the Heidi Swapp paint, so could compare what I made to the original.  I know what Wink of Stella looks like, so that wasn’t hard to duplicate.

I finished the video and hope people will give one or both a try.  I guess this is my DIY weekend, since yesterday was all about marble techniques.

I should also tell you that I’ve tried really hard not to buy a lot of crafty things on cyber weekend, and it’s been a struggle.  I keep telling myself I don’t need anything and that if I buy one more thing, I’m a certified crafty hoarder.  OK, so there’s a good chance that I actually am a crafty hoarder, and I’ll let you know tomorrow night how I fared with not buying anything…It’s not looking good.

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