I have been wanting to make an ornament to share with viewers, and today I worked on a poinsettia covered styrofoam ball.  I really liked the way it turned out and the video is short, so fast and easy to watch…I used a couple of Stampin’ Up punches on it , but  have been really frustrated by the quality of their punches.  EK Success and Stampin’ Up punches are manufactured by the same company, and both have quality control issues.  I used to really love them, but lately, I have at least four punches that either no longer work, or the closure has popped out of it.  One closure flew across the room and is lost (for now.)  I’m disappointed, because these companies sell their products for a premium, only to find they are defective or stop working..  I wanted to contact EK Success, as their circle punches don’t punch and can’t be closed.  I’m not rough on my punches, and obviously am not aggressive when I use them, so felt the company should know they don’t work.  I can’t find any contact information for EK Success, and that’s really annoying.  I think companies should stand behind their merchandise, so if any of you know a way to contact EK Success, I’d like to do so.  The circle punches are seemingly warped and won’t close or punch.  I punched a circle, and when it should have sprung back open, the punch jammed about halfway open.  I couldn’t get the paper out without tearing it, and the punch is no longer viable.  I would chalk it up to something I must have done to break the punch, until it happened to another circle punch made by them.   Oddly enough, the exact same problem.  I’ve always enjoyed the ease of use with paper punches, but now that the quality has diminished, I doubt I’ll be buying more in the future.  Especially considering how much easier it is to use dies when trying to center punched images vs. dies.  I don’t like to use the blog to do a rant, but sometimes it’s important to get information out there so others know what’s going on with certain companies, and their product quality, or lack thereof.

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