I’ve had an idea for a video that I haven’t made, but today’s the day.  I want to show people how to inexpensively make their own Christmas package labels.  I know that in general, they aren’t really expensive, but using labels from the Dollar Tree, stamps we already own, and glitter, we can make really cute handmade labels.  I think I’m going to try to make them a couple of different ways.  I have some embossing powder that once heated, melts and becomes a glue type surface.  I know a lot of people don’t own this powder, so am going to stamp into Mod Podge and then stamp that onto the labels, making sure I really clean my stamps well, and then covering it in glitter.  I’m not a huge fan of glitter, but I think this project really calls for it.  Actually, I think I’ll make them a third way, using a glitter based embossing powder with Versamark ink.  A lot of people already own glitter based embossing powder, and if they don’t, I can show them how to make their own glittery embossing powder.  It’s going to be fun showing people how to make their products work in different ways, and allow them to save money so they don’t have to buy additional products to achieve the same effect.

I love showing people how to save money, especially at this time of year, when time and money are both at a premium.  It’s definitely satisfying when people leave a comment thanking me for helping them find ways to save.  I also love projects that are kid friendly, and using Mod Podge instead of embossing powder will make this into something that they whole family can make.

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