Recycling Old Jewelry to Make a Dangle Charm

A viewer, Jennie, asked me to make a dangle charm…I couldn’t make it from scratch, using an I pin, so I started thinking about alternative ways to do it. The easiest way, is using old jewelry and taking it apart, then reattaching it in the form of a dangle. I went through my mother’s vintage jewelry and found a pearl dangly bracelet circa 1980. I took the clasp off of it, and added pieces from the bracelet using two loops with each addition. I found by using two loops, it allowed everything to dangle easily and made attaching new pieces much easier. I meant to say that in the video, but got distracted along the way. When you open the loops, you should not pull the two end away from each other, but instead, bend one side down, then closing the loop will maintain it’s shape and will close much more efficiently. I used the dangle that I made to attach to a Bath and Body Works antibacterial hand sanitizer, and the other, a key chain that wasn’t overly attractive. I added a lot of different components to the key chain from earrings and loose charms, and a glass butterfly that I had to make my own loop to attach it. I took an I pin (I think that’s what they are called), and put it through the butterfly then bent the two ends up and twisted them together several times, then cut off the loose ends. I attached two rings and added another piece from earrings, and attached it to the key ring. I hope this is what Jennie was looking for me to make, but if it isn’t, I’d be happy to try something else. This was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend you going through your old jewelry and finding a couple pairs of pliers and making your own dangles.

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