In the middle of the night, I woke up with an amazing idea for a card/ornament.  I really didn’t think it would be too hard, but have not seen anything like it, so thought, why not give it a try.  I spent hours working on it today, and finally decided I should throw in the towel and try it again tomorrow.  It starts with a large house die I bought.  I’ve been wanting to make a card/ornament, with lights inside it, but never really liked the ideas I’ve seen on YouTube.  I decided I could design and create a box that would have the house die cut out of the front, then reattached over vellum.  The box will be deep enough to encompass two lights, one on each floor of the house.

Things went bad for me, right from the beginning.  I couldn’t get my score tool to stay in the grooves because I was using really thick card stock….so of course, I now have weird lines in the paper.  On to the next problem,  I kept scoring on the wrong line…I don’t know why I couldn’t remember where 1 5/8″ was on my score board.  I scored 2 1/8″ for one score, so that made that card stock garbage.  Then came the third mistake.  I die cut the house out of the card stock, but cut it out of the wrong side of the box, so I have the back of the die cut facing out, not the front.  It makes a big difference with this die, as it’s big and highly ornate.  So I started over with black card stock.  I cut the paper and scored it, then looked at my score lines and thought they looked odd…..Yep, scored those suckers on the wrong score line.  This time I used 1 3/8″. so I decided, this project is done for the day.  I’ll start over, this time with some pre-planning already done…I’ll definitely know the things I should not be doing.  Some projects are much better when you take the time to think things through before proceeding with them.  This is definitely one of those.

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