I had such fun making Christmas ornaments with my girlfriend from sea glass and glass ornaments.  I had found small bulbs and large bulbs to fill, so we tried a variety of sea glass, sand and beads.  I had some pink sand that we brought back from Bermuda in the 1990’s and thought it would be a terrific way to commemorate that visit.  I made a bulb with the sand, some sea shells I brought back and a couple small pieces of sea glass.  I tied a ribbon to the top and called it done.  Becky didn’t want to be on camera, so the only things I have to remember the visit is a photo of her ornaments.  I’ll make a very short video showing how we made them in the next day or so.

I’ve made so many videos of so many different things this holiday season, and it’s been a nice break from card making.  Don’t get me wrong, I love making cards, but sometimes I just like to try different things and show some different techniques.  It seems that the only time I can really get away with it, is during the Christmas season, when everyone is looking for new ideas.  And boy do I have a lot of them.  I’ve been seeing wreaths made out of big pompoms, and have been thinking about making a small ornament wreath with mini-pompoms.  I’m not sure if it will look corny or not, but since Cracker Barrel has been decorating with them and selling them, at least I could give it a shot.  It’s in my list of things to try for the holidays…and I’m on it.

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