Floral Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Time for some ornaments! I took a 2″ styrofoam ball and used red glitter Tempura paint from the Dollar Tree to paint it with. I used two punches from Stampin’ Up, one with leaves and one with petals. I used my pokey tool, and pushed it through the center of two layers of red glitter card stock and a center layer of silver foil paper with small stars on it. After pushing the whole through the center, I made sure the hole was as large as I needed to insert stamen in the center. I removed the pokey tool and took a stylus (a tool with a small ball on the bottom) and pushed it into the center of the flower. Then, I folded three stamen (I bought from Aliexpress) together, and wrapped some scotch tape around the bottom to make the bottom as small as possible, to be able to insert through the holes of the flowers. You’ll push the stamen through the center hole of the flowers and then flip the flower over and rub the stylus around the centers of each petal to make the center of the flower pointing down, but the petals will be pointing up. I used hot glue on the bottom to surround the stamen and ensure they will stay in place. Set them aside to dry.
I took a small length of matching thin ribbon in green and made a knot about an inch from the top of the loop, leaving small pieces that you can put a pearl headed straight pin into the ribbon edges and then put them into the ball to create a hanger that looks nice.
I didn’t have green glittery paper, so used the green Tempura paint from Dollar Tree and painted green card stock and let it dry. I didn’t love the amount of glitter left on paper, so used Wink of Stella on them at the end of the project. I punched the green paper into leaves and then folded the leaves in half. You can easily cut leaf shapes out card stock without using a punch.
I cut the stamens off the backs of my flowers and put hot glue in a dollop to attach to my ball. I started by putting the first flower beside the ribbon and hot glued it in place. I put leaves around it, and then continued gluing flowers onto the ball. I put leaves anywhere there was a gap and finished the ball by placing the flowers as close together as possible. I finished the project by using my homemade Wink of Stella, and painted my leaves so they were shimmery. I used a heat tool to remove all left over glue strings.

Stamen Link: https://tinyurl.com/y97x56hr
Leaf Punch Stampin’ Up: https://tinyurl.com/leafpunch
Blossom Punch link: https://tinyurl.com/blossompunch
2″ styrofoam ball available in all craft stores and the glitter tempura paint is available in the kid’s craft section of the Dollar Tree

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