Fast, Easy Paper Christmas Wreath, Perfect for a Dorm, Apartment or Nursing Home Door

I took 12″ cardstock and cut it into 3/4″ strips. I had found a wooden circle wreath called a 6″ floral craft ring that I got at Michaels for around $1. I painted it with paint I had bought from the Dollar Tree to give the background a similar color to the paper I was using. After it dried, I started adding the strips. Using wet glue (or a glue stick), wrap the strips around the ring and make sure the ends meet and that the paper even so you won’t see the back. Overlap the strips on the circle form and continue the process the whole way around the wreath form. Make sure you use enough glue so your strips really stay together.
The punch I showed didn’t work, so I had to kick it to the curb and cut the notches out of the paper.
I ran out of my original paper and had to supplement with a matching gold glittery paper…The gold paper was too boring, so I added red pearls to the gold strips, as well as a line of the red pearls in the center piece of gold paper.
I used a deer from the Dollar Tree, and added some bling to it, by adding a cow bell on thin wire and a gold bow. I added some glue to the bow to hold it in place. I added two layers of foam tape to the back of the deer and wet glue on top and under the foam tape so it would stick to the glitter and offset the deer. I put a hanger on the back by wrapping a chenille pipe cleaner around one of the papers.

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