I’ve made so many different crafty videos for Christmas this year, that I’m not sure if Rich will be able to put all of the videos up before Christmas.  I guess I should take a break, but I really haven’t made my Christmas cards yet.  That’s the crazy part about doing YouTube videos, there are so many ideas, but timing is everything.  I know a lot of crafters do a Christmas in July theme, but I just can’t make myself do that.  I admire and respect people that can plan that far ahead. but I’m just not one of them.  I am great at shopping early, and if I find something in March that I think someone would like for their birthday or Christmas, I buy it.  But decorating and card making, I just can’t bring myself to make anything Christmasy while the sun is shining.  Our summers are so short, that I really don’t like to bring on the inevitable snowy season, and that’s probably the main reason I put off my projects for Christmas.  I love making Halloween and fall inspired projects and can’t make Christmas things before I make those, so it pushes back my Christmas season until November.  If you think about making two or three videos per week, it really doesn’t give me a ton of time to fit in a lot of Christmas videos.  Maybe next year I’ll plan differently, but I really doubt it…we’ll be having this same discussion mid December, 2018..you can look forward to it..darn.

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