Pom-Pom Wreath Ornament, Replica of Cracker Barrel Wreath

I’ve seen full-size wreaths made out of pom-poms at our local Cracker Barrel, and thought, “How hard could it be?” So I made one out of a 3″ styrofoam wreath form. I used red craft paint and painted the styrofoam wreath to ensure you wouldn’t see white, if I missed a small section of pom-poms. I tied a 12″ length of red organza ribbon around the top, then using hot glue, started gluing the pom-poms on the inside of the wreath form first. I used different sizes and colors of red pom-poms, and staggered the larger size first, then pushed the smaller ones in between. I didn’t put any on the back, but instead, took a piece of matching colored card stock and two circle dies that would match the size of the inner and outer circle of the wreath, then cut the paper with my die cutter and glued the donut-looking piece of card stock to the back of the wreath with hot glue.
I added small green bell brads to the ornament by shoving them between the pom-poms, then tied the ribbon into a bow, and the ornament is done.
I bought my pom-poms at a garage sale, but you can find them in any big craft store in every size and color you can imagine, usually with kids crafts. I chose a monotone look because that’s the look of the wreath in Cracker Barrel.

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