I made a couple more videos last night, including the one for Christmas crackers.  I’m not sure if my prototype will work, but I did explode one on video, so that was lots of fun.

We’re having dinner with my college friends tonight, and I’m going to deliver all of the framed art that I made.  It’s a great excuse to see my girlfriends and to have a really nice meal.

I still haven’t made my Christmas cards, and need to get serious about them.  I think that will be a project for tomorrow.  I’ll probably do one or two videos of certain cards, and then I’ll be done with my Christmas series.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m starting to get tired of seeing the elf on the shelf in the photos for my Christmas videos.  It is definitely a great way to determine immediately, if it’s a Christmas video, so in that respect it was a great plan.  I kind of wonder if mothers get really sick of waiting for their kids to go to bed before they can move their elves around…or is it Santa that moves them?  Regardless, I’d be ready to chuck that thing back in the box if it was me, if I’d have moved it over thirty times…OK, I’d probably have forgotten to move it, and then the whole idea would be destroyed…or maybe I’d tell my kids that Santa or the elf were too tired to hide the elf that night.  I’d be a terrible mother.

I can say this with certainty….I’ll be happy to be over the whole Christmas crafting experience and put all of my boxes of Christmas craftiness away for the year.  And sadly, you still haven’t seen all of my crafty Christmas videos…there’s lots more left and only seven days until Christmas.

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