I finally finished mailing all of my Christmas projects today.  I chose three viewers that have been writing a lot of comments on videos, and thought they’d appreciate a surprise.  It’s always nice to get something unexpected at the holidays.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that our oldest dog Aggie, has been struggling lately.  At almost sixteen, she’s been an amazing dog, and especially amazing as she’s a large golden retriever, weighing around 80-85 pounds.  Dogs of that size, normally don’t live past age ten.  Aggie has always been by my side and if I leave a room, Aggie leaves.  She used to walk ahead of me down our hall, but keep glancing back to make sure I didn’t turn into one of the rooms on the way to our bedroom.  If I stopped, she would double back and lay outside that room until I left.  She would lay outside the craft room door and I couldn’t close it, as it made her extremely agitated if she couldn’t see me.  In recent months, Aggie’s eye sight has gone, as has her hearing.  The vet assured us that it wasn’t a big deal, and that dogs adjust well to these things, as they happen slowly over time.  Since dogs know their own environment, they can still navigate their homes without much issue.  But lately, it’s been so different.  Aggie sleeps at least twenty hours a day and it takes a lot to get her to get up and eat and go to the restroom.  We put her dog food in a bowl on the floor and using a wooden spoon, feed her from it, as she can’t figure out what is food, and what is the metal bowl, so she tries to chew her bowl.  As I write this, I know that it’s time to euthanize her, but even thinking of life without her, is heartbreaking.  I know we’ve thought somehow she might rebound, but in our hearts, we know that she can’t, she’s just too old to do that.  Rich and I have had a long discussion today..one of so many we’ve had lately…  Today’s was different, though, because we both finally have decided that it’s time.  It’s not fair for her and she deserves better than the life she’s not leading.  I know this isn’t the kind of blog I normally write, but it’s with a sad heart that I tell you this.  She’s been a wonderful companion for me and I’ll miss her greatly.

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