It’s been another crafty day preparing for Christmas.  I had dinner with my college girlfriends last night, and delivered the decorated picture frames and a few of the book marks for Mary to share with the patients at the assisted living facility where she works.  She was kind of overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the frames, but I hope she finds people to share them with.  She asked if I would make a planner for an elderly lady, so today I made one for 2018…It’s something you can do before the new year, or in the first week or two of the year.  I made it really frilly (something I’m not usually accustomed to doing), and I hope the lady likes it.  I guess I just assumed an elderly lady would like something that looks frilly…maybe she won’t, YIKES!

I had a few small gift cards I needed to make, so got those done and wrapped some packages that still need to go in the mail.  Last minute?  Sure, that’s me.  I was never this late, but somehow, the year just slipped away from me.  I guess these things happen.  At least they happen to me.

I did get an email from one of the ladies from Puerto Rico.  She got her boxes..Her group is going to have a small get together to open their boxes, but I’m not sure how soon that will be, as her mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly this week.  As if her year wasn’t already bad enough, now she’s lost a very close relative and friend.  I can’t imagine the heart ache and pain that these ladies have endured.  I hope you’ll keep them in your thoughts and prayers.  I really hope that things start to look up for everyone in Puerto Rico.  It’s been a long hard year for them without electricity.

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