Review of Cutterbee Non-Stick Scissors, Layered Papers, Replica of Craft Creations Card

I received some really lovely cards recently, and I loved the one from Jennie. She recently started a channel called Craft Creations on You Tube and I thought I’d try to replicate the card she sent me.

I used 110 lb. Recollections white card stock for my base that was 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4″ and then layered a floral piece that was 5 1/4″ x 4″ onto a light pink layer that was 5 3/8″ x 4 1/8″ and tape runnered (I know that’s not a word, but we’re making it one today), the two layers together. I cut them at an angle on my paper trimmer and then moved the straight top edge of the angle about 2″ to the left on my trimmer, and cut it again. Then attached the layers to my card leaving a gap in the center. I took ribbon and made a bow then ran the length of the ribbon around the back of the card and glued it there. Took some of the leftover ribbon (1 1/2″) and folded it in half on an angle to create the tails and trim the ends on an angle. I put one glue dot inside the folded tails and one under the tails then lifted my bow and laid the tails under it. You can add another glue dot under the bow to hold it in place, but I run tape runner on either side of the bow to hold the ribbon in place, and that seems to hold the bow where I want it. The camera cut out and you missed seeing me lay the reverse side of the floral paper in 1/8″ strips on either side of the opening. I used an Aliexpress Happy New Year die on white card stock (works best with heavier card stock), and then colored it with a marker that matched the darker purple color of the card. I put glue on it (and should have used my glue pen, but forgot I had it), to attach the words to the card. I laid two long strips of the paper, about 1 1/2″ wide on the inside of the card running 5 1/2″ tall on the left and right sides and used another leftover scrap to decorate the back flap of my envelope.
I hope I did a good job of replicating Jennie’s card and that you’ll check out her YouTube page, Craft Creations at this link.

I show the new Cutterbee non-stick scissors in action. I don’t find them to be very non-stick, and show the stickiness on the video. It’s my opinion, but I don’t find them to be any more non-stick than any of the other scissors I own.

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