I have been talking to Rebecca Walton from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, the peg stamp company.  I had an idea for a very simple stamp and wondered if they would consider making it.  They immediately agreed and sent me a sample.  I made two card backgrounds and sent an email photo of them to her, and she was really thrilled.  We’re working out the details so when I put videos up, you’ll be able to buy them if you like them, and I really think you will.  It takes peg stamps to a whole different level and I can’t wait to have you try this out.  I’m sure other companies make similar stamps, but this is so much more effective and easier to use when paired with their peg stamps, it’s really fun.  I wish I could say more, but I want you to be surprised and have something fun to look forward to in the crafty world in 2018.  I’m sure it won’t be a long wait, hopefully in a week or two.  I had so much fun playing with these and know you will too.  If you’re a peg stamp lover like I am, I know you’ll really love these…and if you haven’t tried peg stamps, this might give you a reason to do so.  Of course I won’t make any money from this (in case you wondered), I just had an idea and it is really pretty specific to peg stamps,

I tried to make another video tonight, but lost my mojo, and since Rich has a bunch ready to edit, I’ll give him a day to put one up and then he really needs to get the planner video up for the beginning of the new year.  I think a lot of people still use the old fashion calendars, and I love redecorating the Dollar Tree planners.  And speaking of the Dollar Tree, have any of you seen the videos that people are making gnomes out of Dollar Tree supplies.  I think they are hysterical and am thinking of giving one a try.  Although I hate to make a video when there are already a bunch of them out there covering the topic.  I’d rather try something that isn’t being video’d to death.  I’ll just suggest you check some of the videos out, because they are cute and lots of fun to make.  It might be a great project for my cousin Shelli and her friend Linda to try with me.  If you’ll recall, we made fairy gardens together…So Shelli, if you’re in the market to make a gnome, give me a call and we’ll make a play date.  Although I’m not sure how quickly we’ll be seeing each other, as Shelli lives in Erie, PA, and if you haven’t heard the weather, they got over sixty inches of snow in two days.  Since I only live about 40 minutes from them and got four inches, I feel like we were given a Christmas miracle.  Shelli, I’ll see you and Linda when the snow thaws.

2 thoughts on “12/29/2017

  1. I saw the DIY Dollar Tree gnomes and would love to make one! Now, if Linda and I can just dig our way out of the tundra … I’ll be in touch soon. Happy New Year! Miss you!


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