I’m not sure how all of you celebrate bringing in the New Year, but Rich and I have never been big about going out…we like to watch movies and have treats and some years I make it until midnight, some years, I’m asleep.

I’ve been thinking about 2017, and wish it hadn’t ended with Aggie’s passing, but knew it was inevitable.  We love to travel, but didn’t go anywhere in 2017, because of her.  We didn’t want her to be with strangers at her advanced age, and didn’t want anyone else to be with her if things went badly.  I don’t regret not going anywhere, and am hoping we’ll be able to go somewhere early summer.  We have a bucket list that we’d like to visit all fifty states, and we have (I think), six states to go.  I’m hoping we’ll get to a few of them this year.  Most are clustered together, North and South Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and oddly, Vermont.  I’m not sure how we could miss a state that is as close to us as Vermont, but it’s one we haven’t visited yet.

My thoughts on the world make me worry about travel outside of the U.S., and St. Maarten, a country we absolutely love, was practically destroyed by the hurricane this summer, and sadly, we won’t be going there any time soon.

I am hoping that 2018 is a healthy one for Rich and me, and my hope for the world is that we find peace within ourselves and with each other.  I wish all of you a very Happy and Healthy 2018.

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