Happy New Year!  Boy, is it cold here….I’m thinking it’s around 0, and I’m not a cold weather girl.  I did curl up with the dogs and turned the heat to high, and we’re watching what I call “dog television.”  We have a room that’s mainly windows, and it has a patio behind it with the rails for our awning.  I line the rails with bird feeders, and at the back of our property, we keep it stocked with corn for the deer.  Normally, we watch a lot of wildlife, but you know it’s cold when the birds don’t come out to eat.  The deer have been eating mainly at night, so we don’t see them as much as we used to, as Honey likes to bark at them.  The other dogs knew the deer would leave if they barked, but Honey hasn’t figured that out yet.

I’m going to make some cards today, or maybe wait until tomorrow.  Like I said, I’m not a cold weather girl….I lack energy when it’s cold outside.  And, I think I need to wear some muk luks around the house, as my feet are always cold..  Do other people have cold feet?  The rest of me can be toasty warm, but my feet are freezing.   I’m really whining now…

I’m getting excited about doing the video on white pigment inks and have ordered five different kinds I didn’t own before.  I found them in the mini sizes, and that’s fine with me, because I don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work, and you never know which will work when you do an experiment like this.  My white Staz-on ink was hard as a rock.  I think I might have thrown it out, even though I just discovered it this week, and Lindsay, the frugal crafter, told me I should put denatured alcohol on it.  Of course, it’s probably too late now, as the trash already went out, but I’ll know going forward, and will definitely tell others about it in the video.  I think I have the re-inker for the white Staz-On, so might make my own “mini” pad for the video, just so we can compare it to the others.  I’m not going to invest in another Staz-On white ink pad, as I don’t use it enough to make it worth the money.  And you have to re-ink it almost every time you use it anyway, and who wants to do that? Certainly not this girl, wrapped up in my afghan and thinking about hot chocolate.

That’s the only reason to live where there’s a winter.  If you live in a tropical climate, you never get to experience a day when all you want to do is wrap up in an afghan and eat soup and make hot chocolate.  I think it’s worth the cold just for this experience (and then leave, as fast as you can, for a warmer climate, haha.)

2 thoughts on “1/1/2018

  1. Happy New Year! It is minus 11 here. Last night I was rudely awakened at midnight by fireworks down the street. It was minus 22. A friend suggested fleece sheets, not flannel. They are wonderful. When you decide to travel to Montana, come in spring or fall, preferably fall. It is lovely.

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  2. Wow, I can’t imagine being that cold. Do you get a lot of snow too? We’re very close to Lake Erie, so we get lake effect snows, and luckily just dodged a huge snowfall…63 total inches in 36 hours…not my style, and that was only 30 minutes from us, Yikes.. Obviously the people with the fireworks had no concept of cold…they must have been having a great time before they decided to set those off… What part of Montana do you recommend we visit? I know we’re going to see Mt Rushmore when we hit the Dakotas, but didn’t know the best spots to visit in Montana. I’m sure it’s really lovely there, and we’re excited to see the rest of the US. We have really pretty falls here as well, and love to travel off season, as we’re not big into crowds. If there was one spot in Montana that we shouldn’t miss, what would it be? I love hearing from people that live in the states we’ll be visiting because you know the right places to see and the best restaurants….
    I’ll have to check into fleece sheets. I struggle with the sheet issue, because Rich is always warm, but hates my cold feet on him, haha…Luckily, Honey likes to sleep on top of the covers right by my feet, so she’s my new heating blanket.
    Happy New Year to you…I hope your have a great 2018….


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