I was feeling a little bit stir crazy today, as we really haven’t been out of the house for a few days.  So we went to Erie, PA, where they had 63 inches of snow on Christmas and shopped at the mall and Michaels, AC Moore and Hobby Lobby.  We found a few cute things and got some ideas for projects for next year, but we really wanted to see the snow.  I know it sounds dumb, I live where it snows all the time, but they had rolled a huge snowball in the parking lot of the mall, and I wanted to see it.  It was huge…I think it’s over twenty feet high.  Rich took photos of us standing by it with his phone, and I might put one of them on the facebook page, because I thought it was really funny.  I have no idea how they made that snowball, but it was completely awesome.  Huge and amazing and so much fun to see.  Now you know how bored I am, that I’m gushing about a snowball.
Meanwhile, they were using a crane to take the snow off of the roof of Lowe’s.  The weight was threatening to buckle the roof.  That’s not as much fun, but it’s the reality of getting that much snow so quickly.  We thought it was odd that Kohls decided to plow out enough parking space for twenty cars per lane of their parking lot, and then plowed shut the end, so once you pull into that lane of the parking lot, you have to turn around to get back out of it.  That was not the brightest idea, because the snow that’s falling off of cars is accumulating in the parking lot and trying to do a three-point-turn in it wasn’t easy.  Plus the cars pulling into that lane are not expecting you to try to turn around and get confused by that, so there’s a big log jam of cars not completely knowing how to park or leave the parking lot.
Let’s just say it was an interesting experience and I’m glad we’re home, where it’s still really cold, but the snow is minimal.  I really hope it stays that way too.  I need to find a video to give Rich, so we get a new one up tonight.  I hope I have one that won’t take a long time for him to edit. I have a tendency to make so many mistakes that he has to spend a long time correcting them…

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