I’ve been working on ways to use the scraps that come out of a die when you cut it, and today made a card with them.  The card is relatively simple, but I think has some good tips on how to do things more easily.  After finishing the card and the video, I thought I’d play with my Distress Oxides and some background stamps.  I’m still struggling with the Distress Oxides, I have to be honest.  I like the idea of using a pigment based ink, but don’t really like the look once it’s wet.  I know that’s the whole point of them, the “oxidization” look, but I’m just not comfortable with using them that way.  So I made a big background, stamped it with four different colors, and decided to let it marinate, while I decided if it was a keeper or not.

I often wonder how other YouTubers come up with their card ideas.  Do they go to Pinterest and find something they’d like to duplicate, or are the ideas completely their own?  I think I’ve said this before, but I don’t use Pinterest, other than to upload my video images to it.  I like to know exactly how to make something when I see a photo of it, so am a YouTube junkie.  I really like watching videos of fun fold cards, as I find them to be immensely satisfying to create.  And for some reason, I love watching the old Frugal Crafter videos…I mean the ones from the days when she used a desk and had her camcorder pointed from angle so you can’t see what she is creating very well.  Still, I really enjoy watching them, as they are relaxing, and you can tell she’s doing it because she loves the act of creating.

I need to find other crafters whose videos make me feel like Lindsay’s, as one channel just isn’t enough.

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