I woke up this morning to grass.  I love grass…it’s so green, and after mid-November, we rarely see it.  I was so happy and it looked so colorful.  I knew it wouldn’t last, so I spent some quality time really taking it all in.  I knew the fact that I saw grass meant that we had to have some flooding in the lower lying areas, but luckily, we live on the top of a very large hill, so we didn’t have to worry here.

Rich decided to run errands and I had asked him to go to the grocery store…He said it looked like people were preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse at the grocery store, as milk, bread and eggs were completely sold out, and the lines went to the middle of the store.  He had plenty of time to speculate about it, as he had to wait almost an hour to check out.  People were talking about the weather, and the fact that it was going to change.
We had about six inches of snow that melted, and it has been raining really hard for two days.  The problem comes when the temperature drops and the rain changes to ice.  That’s what happened about an hour after Rich got home.  Now the ground is solid ice and the rain is now snow.  No more grass for Sandy to look at…Darn.  We are supposed to get up to four inches of snow, but that’s on top of at least one-half inch of ice.  Yikes!  No wonder people were freaking out, as you can’t go anywhere when there’s ice coating everything.  It’s supposed to last until tomorrow night.  Good thing we don’t have any plans to go anywhere.  It’s also a good thing that Rich wasn’t buying milk, bread or eggs, or we’d be going without those as well…So far, so good.

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