3-D Decorated Monogram Frame

I saw these concrete style letters in the clearance department of Joanns and thought they would look great on a frame. I used the Die Cuts with a View (DCWV) Burlap Neutrals paper. It’s burlap that’s lined with a plastic backing. It’s really thick and works great if you cut it properly.
I bought my frame at a garage sale and it’s really long, (11″ x 17:) and needed two sheets of the burlap paper, as it is 12 x 12″. I trimmed the paper by using the paper that you find inside a new frame for a guide. I took the glass and the frame and laid them aside so I didn’t break the glass, then laid the burlap on the paper and made a mark on it so I could cut it in my paper trimmer and trimmed the paper to fit inside the frame. The paper trimmer made a nice line, but didn’t cut all the way through the paper, so I used my Fiskars long easy action scissors to cut it down to size. I lined the two papers together, and glued them with my hot glue gun to the paper from the frame. I just wanted to be certain that the burlap was on that paper straight and would work well inside the frame. I glued the seam first then pushed the two pieces together. I didn’t like the look of the seam and knew it was in a place that would show, so decided to add wide burlap ribbon to the black burlap near the top and the bottom of the inside of the glass and glued it to the back.  I flipped the paper over and trimmed any black burlap that hung over the edges.  Then I put the frame together and glued the letters to it with hot glue. I don’t recommend hot glue on glass if you are going to be in a changing climate, as it will not hold if it gets really cold….so use E6000 glue for anything you are gluing to glass as it will hold in changing climates.. I had a hard time getting the S to fit inside the frame, so had to use an electric sander to sand it down so it would fit. I was worried that you would be able to see where I sanded it, so colored the sides of the “S” with a matching alcohol marker.
We have a very contemporary kitchen and I thought this would look great as you walk in from outside.
It’s quick and easy to make and I like giving gifts with monograms on them, so practiced with this for our house and will be making some for others as well.

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