I have to admit something.  If I’m not creating something, then I’m shopping for something to create.  I don’t shop like some crafters, buying hundreds of dollars worth of items at a time, but I do like to buy a lot of things.  Especially if things are on sale, second hand, or a bargain.  I love a bargain and struggle to just say no.

So yesterday, when I wasn’t feeling like doing very much, I shopped.  I bought a few things from Blitsy, and then went on Splitcoast Stampers and bought some card stock, designer series papers and some background stamps.  I really love Splitcoast Stampers because it’s primarily Stampin’ Up reps who sell off the things that are discontinued, and it seems like they discontinue a lot of things.  They have “in-colors,”  that are colors that they only have available for two years, then they are done.  They offer inks, re-inkers, markers, ribbon, paper, and designer series papers in these colors, and at the end of two years, the great ladies on Splitcoast Stampers sell off the things they no longer can sell to their customers.  It’s a great way to find used anything and everything, and I love the quality of Stampin’ Up products, so buy whenever the mood hits me.  I really try not to get excited about the new “in colors” as it can be an expensive proposition.  Of course I need to buy the ink and re-inker, because once they are discontinued, you’ll never be able to buy them again….Plus if I love a color, I’ll definitely want to buy matching card stock and the marker….The list goes on and on.  Needless to say, it’s not a good thing when I’m having an off day, as I will spend the entire day looking at Splitcoast Stampers, Ebay and watching old Lindsay the Frugal Crafter videos.

Today, I’ve been trying to stay off of the craft sites that “make” me buy things, and instead, am reading.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I love to read books.  Not a Kindle, books.  I love the feel of them in my hands, the smell of them, and being able to hold it open to the page I’m on, and know exactly how much of the book I have read.  I have a Kindle, and a lot of people think I should use it more, because it’s lighter and easier on my hands/wrists.  The truth is this.  If I do anything that is extremely repetitious, like clicking one button to advance to the next page in a Kindle, my thumb and eventually, my wrist, will pay the price by swelling.  I think it’s weird that one tiny button will do something that an entire book will not.  Make my hand/wrist swell.  Another of my physical oddities has to do with buttons on a computer.  Certain computers have buttons that click when pressed…Those buttons will eventually make my wrists swell.  Even more odd are cellphones and touch screens..  Your fingers have to press those pads in a certain way, and since my fingers aren’t straight, I have a really hard time getting touch screens/cellphones with touch pads, to work.  Maybe I’m just an old-fashioned girl, but I can’t use Rich’s cellphone, and usually either disconnect the call, or end up dialing someone else with my cheek while talking on it.  I don’t like the size of the new phones either, because my hands can’t grip them very easily.

You probably didn’t expect me to give a rant today, but modern technology is not the greatest for people like me.    I’m really lucky that I have no interest in technology, otherwise I’d be really mad that I can’t use a lot of it.  I love my flip phone.  I know it sounds weird, but I can hold it, I can dial it, and I can hear when I use it.  I don’t text (I know you are shocked), and believe that if I take the time to contact someone, I want to hear their voice on the other end of the phone.  I rarely keep my cellphone turned on, and never use it at home.  I still have a land line, and think it’s just great.  I know a lot of people think land lines are a thing of the past, but I like having an extension in several rooms, and frankly, where we live, cell phone service can be spotty…so if I’m in our basement, I really want the phone to work, and cellphones don’t have reception there.  Basically, I’m just a crazy middle-aged lady prone to rants about technology…And you thought I still maintained some semblance of sanity…Not so much.

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