I think tonight is the night to make the white pigment ink comparison video.  I really enjoy making those kinds of videos and want to get that one finished, as a viewer had requested it.  I especially enjoy making videos when people request them, as I know that they wouldn’t ask unless they really needed the information.

I just got the last couple of inks in the mail on Saturday, so it’s time to get serious about making the video.  The only thing left to do is write all of the prices on card stock to attach to the inks.  I like to make sure I try to find the lowest prices available on the internet for a comparison.

I’m going to try a couple different card stocks to see which ones work better with what inks.  I know that helps others when deciding what card stocks to invest in, and I like to know the results for myself, so my cards look better when used with the right inks.  I guess we’ll all know in the next couple of days….which white inks are best with what brands of card stock. I guess I better get busy…

2 thoughts on “1/15/2018

  1. I wrote my notes on prices etc. last night, and went out and bought more types of black card stock so we can be sure it’s not the paper that makes the ink look dull….Should have the video up tomorrow.


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