I got my new peg stamps in the mail and had to play with them to make a card.  It was so much fun and I can’t wait to hear what people think of them.  I didn’t use any of Lindsay’s stamps yet, but will definitely be playing with them in the next couple of days.

I have been really busy with comments from the emboss resist technique.  It’s strange, I really thought people would respond to the monochromatic green card I did a few videos ago, but this one was a huge hit.  I guess I’m not a good judge of what cards people will relate to and which ones that they won’t.  I’ll keep trying to come up with new and different cards to help people learn new techniques.

I  made a fun fold paper dress card and forgot to mention it yesterday, or maybe I did and forgot,  I had a really hard time streamlining that dress so it looked like a normal size doll would wear it..Mine continued to look out of proportion and more plus size than the woman that I copied them from. I’m not sure how hers all looked trim, and mine all looked like they’d been eating lots of pancakes, but I struggled to make the dresses look like they were properly proportioned.  I think the last dress finally was closer to what I thought it should look like.  I think it was a matter of art imitating life, as I’ve never been skinny, drat!  I hope Leslie, the lady that requested it, enjoys the video.  I really tried to make a card that was simply a folded dress, but couldn’t find one that was like the shirt card I made for a man.  I’ve made a wedding dress card, but it was really ornate on the outside, with lots of flowing material, but a plain cut out of a dress…No fun folds involved.

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