Fun Fold Dress Card, By Request

I was asked by a viewer, Leslie, to make a card that was similar to the men’s shirt card I made, as a dress.
I found a video on a channel called The Paper Addiction, who made paper dresses and turned them into cards. I followed her directions and hope you can follow mine.

Use a square piece of very thin card stock (scrapbook paper). I used 6 x 6″….Fold it in half (from side to side) with the pattern running vertically and the white side facing down. Then open the paper and fold each side into the center seam. Then with the pattern facing up take the first folded line and fold it in half to the center seam and do this on both sides.
Fold it so it looks like a gate fold card (what it looked like after you did your first folds. To create the bodice of the dress, fold the paper from the bottom to 2″ from the top of the dress. From that fold, bend it back toward the bottom about 1/4″ to 1/2″ so it looks like a “Z”.
Next fold the center at the top toward the side and it will only let you fold it to the seam…make sure the seam is clean, then do the same to the other side. Then push both sides back to where they were before you folded them.
Flip over the dress and pull the top center down, and hold it down, then push the sides down so they are flat. Then flip the dress over and you should have a “v” neck.
To create the look of the slit in the front of the dress, put your finger under the center at the bottom and push the center away from itself and push it down, and do this on both sides. If you look at it from the bottom, it will almost look like a box once those folds are made.
Flip it over and take the top side and fold it in to the line that’s where there’s a fold. Do this on both sides. (Don’t worry about the bottom skirt of the dress).. Then from the top point, fold the top back on an angle, so it looks like a sleeve. Now you want to make the skirt, so fold the sides toward the back on an angle to make it look thinner. You should have a gap in the front at the waist in the front. I put wet glue there and glued the skirt on the back where I folded it.
I added a piece of green paper at the waist for a belt and crystals for buttons on the neck of the dress.
I used Picked Raspberry Distress Oxide inks with a 1″ chip brush from Harbor Freight Liquidators to distress the dress.

I used 110 lb. heavyweight Recollections card stock that was 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ scored at 4 1/4″. I took a light green card stock and cut it in 1/2″ strips that were 5 1/2″ long and laid them on the card every 1/2″, then laid the dress on with wet glue and tape runner. Then I used Coastal Cabana ink from Stampin’ Up to ink my sentiment on the same green card stock and laid that strip across the top about 1/4″ from the top of the card. I’m sorry that my written directions are so confusing…It’s really hard to explain them, as it’s easier to watch than to read it…

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