I finally got the dress video uploaded after midnight, so didn’t think I’d have very many views this morning, but had over a hundred by nine AM.  I got a nice note from Leslie, the lady that requested the video, and it made my day.  Leslie has been struggling with some debilitating pain, and it’s gotten to the point that she’s also shaking, and I wanted to do something to make her smile.  When she asked for this video, I really was excited to give it a try, and when I read her comment, it made the whole project worthwhile.  Leslie had gotten some origami paper and followed along with me, and made her first folded dress.  I can’t ask for more than that when I’m making videos.  Leslie hadn’t done anything crafty for a while, because she hadn’t felt up to it, but made the dress.  i am so happy for her.  Sometimes, all we need is someone else to help us back on our feet, and I know that this channel has kept me on my feet more often than not.

I am excited about the new peg stamp sets that were supposed to come out today, but so far, they haven’t been shown on their website, even though the site does say they will go live today.  I wanted to coordinate my video using  the stamps with the launch day, so am waiting to hear back from Rebecca, from Peg Stamps, before uploading my video.  I was so excited to actually have my video ready on the day the stamps were going live, but I guess we’ll wait until tomorrow to upload it.  (It’s so rare that I have something done on time, I’m thrilled that I might actually be early.)

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