I haven’t been working on any cards today, but late last night, I started playing with my new Color Box cat’s eye pigment inks in jewel tones.  I wanted to try to make a card that used not only stamps, but some colored pencils, so picked a green and blue and some darker green and blue pencils, as well as a white gel pen and my white colored pencil and went crazy.  I’m not sure if I really like the image yet, but I haven’t put it onto a card base yet, so it’s not really ready for video.

Today I wanted to label some stamp sets and continue cleaning my craft room, so I got out my label maker and started labeling stamp sets.  I want to not only put the names on them, but I also want to put them in categories, animals, florals, sentiments, household, etc.  I thought by doing that, it would allow me to look at the top of the stamp set, and I’d know by the symbol A, F, S, H, etc., what the stamp set contained.  So many stamp sets have odd names that really have nothing to do with the stamps they contain, so I thought this would be a simpler way to sort them.  I’m making some progress, but have a long way to go before I’m finished.  Tomorrow’s another day…

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