I thought I had written in the blog yesterday, but apparently I forgot.  It’s funny how I can convince myself that I’ve done something when I haven’t.  So today I worked on a new card and really think it turned out pretty good.  I bought a bunch of Rubbernecker backgrounds and played with the poppy one..I can’t believe how long it took me to color it with alcohol markers, or how much marker ink it used.  In the end, a couple of my red markers were really struggling to color in the background.   I wanted to make this card something you could give for Valentine’s Day, but not specifically for Valentine’s if you can follow that.  I just wanted to send a card to one of my girlfriends so she knows I’ve been thinking about her, as she’s had a really tough couple of months.

I got another haul in the mail today…I had found some Altenew stamps that I wanted.  They have the nicest floral stamps, so I bought them and will be using them in some upcoming videos.   I love it when the mail comes and there are crafty presents just waiting for me….It really made my day.

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