We had a really nice day..Started with meeting a group of our college friends, as the men wanted to get together, so the women went to a coffee shop while the guys did their thing…then we all went out to lunch together.  It’s great that Rich has reconnected with this group of college friends, and I’ve had so much fun meeting and getting to know their wives.  We all live within an hour of each other, so it’s not difficult to find a central spot to meet.

When we got home, Rich and I made the executive decision that it was time for a nap.  He’s been fighting off a cold and it was exactly what we both needed to get rejuvenated.

I wanted to tell you about something we bought for Rich that I think is really helping his lower back and sciatica.  It’s an inversion table…you know the ones that turn over so your head is near the floor and your feet are near the ceiling.  You only use it for 3-5 minutes at a time and only two or three times a day.  Rich thinks it’s really helping him, and this is coming from a guy whose had his back injected with steroids on at least four occasions without any relief.  It’s not supposed to cure the problem but give pain relief…I don’t know about the rest of you, but pain relief is better than just about anything…and not having to take any medicines or have any injections makes it even better.

On to crafting….I’ve been thinking about the circle stamp that I bought from Rubbernecker stamps, and how I could make it into a card.  I thought it would be really pretty, painted with bright watercolors on a dark background, and using silver embossing powder to really set it off.  I started working on it and couldn’t get the water colors to look exactly the way I wanted, so put it aside for another day.  Sometimes it really helps me to do that, as it give me time to think about alternative products and ideas…I guess we’ll have to wait to see if I can make it work, or if I need to kick it to the curb and try something else.

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