I was asked by a company called Bangood, if I would be willing to do a video on one of their products.  I like water based markers, so agreed that if they sent them, I’d try them out on video.  They’re really inexpensive, $12.99 for a set of thirty-six markers..The markers arrived today and I thought they be fun to watercolor with.  I used a really pretty round stamp from Rubberneckers and used silver embossing powder on it, then used the markers to color it.  Of course, I had a major malfunction with the camera, and it didn’t record any of the coloring of the flowers on the card.  They were the best part of the coloring, so I had to come up with additional footage to show me blending the various colors on watercolor paper.  I find it hard to believe that I make as many mistakes as I do, but these things happen.  Unfortunately, they happen more than I would like them to.

I liked the end result with the card and think it’s  a frisky Valentine’s Day card.  Rich and I don’t exchange Valentine’s cards, so I’ll probably send it to one of my friends/viewers.  I just wanted to make something with a Valentine theme since I normally don’t make many cards with a Valentine motif.

I did want to tell you about Rich and the quatrefoil on the last card.  He was convinced that he needed to fix the issue with me making up a word on the video, and was shocked to discover that I hadn’t made a mistake at all…I did use the proper word.  The scary part is that I have no idea how I knew that was a quatrefoil.  I’m pretty sure I pulled that out of thin air…Impressive though, right?

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