I spent some time working in the craft room today and came up with a great idea for a card.  I decided to try coloring on embossing folders….I’ll let you know how that goes when I do it tomorrow.

On the flip side of that, I got an email from a nice lady that I had sent a card to.  I’d sent several that day, including one to France.  Of course I put them in the wrong envelopes, so the one that should have gone to France, went to a lady in the US, and I’m hoping I only messed up those two…I could have put all of them in the wrong envelopes.  How do I manage to do things like this?  In this case, I think it had to do with using two cards that I just made that look very similar to each other.  I probably made sure I was putting them in their matching envelopes and never thought about if I used the wrong card…The lady in the US that got the wrong card was really gracious about it, and I’m hoping the lady in France has the same sense of humor.  It’s definitely a good lesson for me to be more careful when sending cards.  I’m pretty sure I won’t do this again for a least a few weeks…

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