I made a couple of inked embossed cards, but put one piece of cardstock in the embossing folder backwards.  That gave me an inked back, and a white embossed front to the white cardstock.  Instead of throwing it out, I decided I should come up with a plan for it.  Why not just color over the top of the cardstock?  So I decided it should be in neutrals, whites, grays and blacks.  In the end, it came out fine and I ended up with two videos.  It’s one thing to make the mistake, but it’s another to explain how to fix it.  I think we all have made mistakes like that at least once.  In the first video I told people to make sure they practice with their embossing folders so they know which side is embossed and which side is debossed.  Of course I only knew how to do that because I’d already screwed it up.  If people did try it, then every crafter had the extra cardstock with no ink on it.  So in the end it was a win-win for everyone.  It’s not very often that a plan comes together for me, but this one did.  I can’t wait until you see them.  Rich is putting the video up and it should be online tomorrow.

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