I get emails from Gina K from Stamp TV when she puts up a new video and she’s releasing new products.  Today’s email talked about a video from her daughter.  She did it in her dorm room, and shows her craft room which includes a tripod made from an old text book, and a peanut butter jar.  I have to say I loved her video.  She made so many mistakes that we’ve all made, and I think she’s a great addition to Gina K.’s site, where Gina comes off as very formal.  Having her daughter show the flip side of crafting, really made me happy.  Sadly, I can relate more to her daughter and her crafting techniques, than I can to Gina.  Gina’s very put together and her videos are professionally done (at least they look like they are.)  I felt so much more comfortable knowing her daughter’s tripod looked like something I would have used.  I know that Gina has been making videos for several years and owns a card making supply online store.  Maybe someday I’ll grow up, and relate to Gina more than her daughter, but in the meantime, I’ll remember that peanut butter jar trick, as I might need it sometime in the near future.

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