The best part about having a YouTube channel, is the relationships I’ve developed with people from all over the globe.  I made friends with a lady in England, and hadn’t heard from her since before Christmas, and I was starting to worry about her.  Her husband had a heart attack last year, so I was dreading something bad when I emailed her to see how she was doing.  She told me a story that’s inspired me to make a card and to make sure other people don’t ignore the signs they are being given from an unlikely source.

Her sister had rescued a one-eyed chihuahua who never really liked her, and spent his time with her husband.  Lately, when she has been lying in bed, the dog would lay on her chest and cry.  It happened several times, and she had no idea why.  She wasn’t feeling well and went to her doctor.  She told the doctor about the dog and the doctor took the dog seriously and did tests on her.  The diagnosis was breast cancer, and the doctor said it was an aggressive variety, but because her dog caught it early, she would be able to get treatment that could stop it.

I wonder how many people ignore their animals when they give them a warning?  The only story I can relay is about my Mother and her cat.  Her cat was a rescue and never left my mother’s side.  When my Mother went into assisted living, the cat went with her.  She was in assisted living for several years and her cat was always on my Mother’s lap.  The day before my Mother passed away, her cat was laying on Mom’s chest, smelled Mom’s face, jumped down and hid behind a chair until she died.  My sister and I were surprised when the cat jumped down, but as time passed, we realized that the cat knew my Mother was going.  Maybe he didn’t want to see it happen, or maybe he was afraid for his future, but he never looked back.

Animals seem to have a sixth sense about these things, and I for one, will definitely take notice if either of our dogs lays on me repeatedly and cries.  I’m allowed to share this lady’s story on YouTube, and I hope if someone else has a similar situation with their animal, that they too will take their pet seriously, and contact their physician.  It will really be something if her story can save someone else’s life.

2 thoughts on “2/7/2018

  1. My cat rudely awakened me one morning with a claw in my lip! I was shaky and checked my blood sugar – I am diabetic. It was in the low 40s and I was headed for a coma. Doc said. “Keep that cat!”


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