Sometimes I just lose track of days.  I think I’ve written in the blog in the last couple of days, only to find that I’ve not written in three or four days.  Where does time go?  I haven’t felt very motivated to make a card or go into my craft room.  I don’t normally watch much television, but I’ve been watching the Olympics and reading more.  I guess we all need a vacation sometime, and maybe in the future, I should tell viewers that I’m going to take a week off.  So that’s my future plan, but right now I’ll just apologize for missing a few days with the blog and not putting any videos up.  Rich is editing the most recent video I made right now, but it’s a long one, so I don’t anticipate it going live until tomorrow.  I’m hoping I’ll feel motivated to make another video soon so that Rich always has a video that he needs to edit.

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