I wanted to clean my work area today, but I decided not to approach it like I have been.  I get overwhelmed and give up before I finish, so I thought a new approach was in order.  When I worked at the bank, I had a system where I would only touch something once.  If I opened my emails, I did whatever needed to be done with them before going on to the next task.  I decided that it would take a lot longer, but ultimately, touching things once, will be different than moving things from one spot to another.  So I started by finding new stamps and dies, and putting them into cd cases and labelling them, then putting them into the storage based on what types of stamps they are.  I made up labels for animal, flower, sentiment, outdoor, holiday etc., type stamps.  That way if I’m looking for stamps of a dog, I know exactly where to look for them.  Once I finished that, I went to my closet and arranged everything in there so I don’t have to move things again in the future.  Then I found some backgrounds I’d made in the video where I made the blue sparkly card.  I had four of them and two new layered dies, so made cards out of them and put them in my storage box.  I know this is going to take me a long time to finish, but I really do feel a lot better about the progress I’m making.  Normally I would have put the stamps into a pile or a plastic box and not put them into the cd cases as I would have done that on a different occasion.  I would have put the backgrounds that I’d made into a box to address at a later date…Those things just keep piling up and it’s so frustrating when you never seem to make much progress.  So today I did.

I also re-shot a lot of the video for the woman whose dog found her cancer.  I had made a great wood grain background on the first video ( I think I talked about this yesterday,) and I had almost all of the background out of the video frame, so you saw virtually nothing.  I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about how that was the centerpiece of the card, and you really can’t see it…I feel so much better now that it’s re-shot.  At least now the wood grain background is a technique that everyone can use, as they’ll definitely know how to make it.

My card is going live later tonight and I made a big dent in my craft room mess.  Life is good!

2 thoughts on “2/13/2018

  1. Hi Sandy, I bought the circle peg stamps. I thought to use them for the bokeh technique. I sponged a card with Distress Oxide inks and stamped the circles with white. It worked pretty well.


  2. Did you like the circles? I wasn’t sure if you’d said you had ever used peg stamps before and wondered if these were your first…I never thought of trying them with a bokeh technique. I’ve been trying to think of things made out of circle shapes that I could create with them, but so far I’ve only come up with snowmen, ice cream and balloons..my imagination is limited, haha.. I’ve love to see a photo of the background you created with the bokeh technique..


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