Happy Valentine’s Day!  Rich and I didn’t do anything special today, but we’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day like some couples do.

I spent today working on my family tree on Ancestry.com.  For Christmas, Rich bought me the DNA kit so I could find out where I originated from.  I really liked the information that they give you…it not only includes all of the percentages of where my DNA originated from…but also who I might be related to. I thought that was the fun part, finding people that I never knew, who are related to me.  They only found second to fourth cousins, but it was still pretty interesting, finding that they were 100% accurate.  There were only three or four of them that had a family tree that I could check, but every one I found, had a person whose name I recognized from my grandmothers.  Tell me that’s not cool?  I was amazed that it worked so well.  So here’s my DNA make up.

Great Britain 47%

Europe West 27%

Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) 7%

Scandinavia 5%

and this next part made me laugh:  Apparently they aren’t very confident about the next sets of numbers because here’s the heading for this section..
 Low Confidence Regions

 Caucasus (Russia to Turkey) 5%
 Europe South 4%
 Ireland/Scotland/Wales 3%
 Middle East 1%
 Europe East < 1%
If you are wondering if it’s a scam, they didn’t have my maiden name, because Rich submitted my DNA under Parker.  I had to call them to correct it, and then today I finally was able to link the family tree I’d done a few years ago to the DNA results.  Now when others find they are related to me, they can search my family tree to find their family members.  Until today, they wouldn’t have had access to my family tree.  I have really enjoyed this experience, especially being able to trace my family back to what’s called the “Post Classical Era”…if I am able to go back 75 more years, I’ll be in ancient history, as that starts at 650 AD….and I’ve researched back to 725AD…Cool huh?

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