Rich and I spent the day at the college that we attended.  I volunteer to interview graduating seniors, and I like to do a seminar with them first to prepare them for interviews, which I’ll be doing next week.  After the seminars, we went out to lunch with a friend then shopped a little bit for grocery type things.  Nothing big, but all of these little activities turned into an afternoon of things to do.

I came home and caught up on emails and by then, the day was pretty much over.

I’ve been getting really great responses from the dog card, and so many terrific stories of animals saving their owners from life-threatening situations.  I am so amazed what these animals have done.  From a dog who has a strange bark when he sees someone with cancer or M.S., to a couple of different scenarios with dogs waking their owners with sleep apnea, when they stopped breathing.  I guess we can never discount the bond that our animals have with us, and I hope others, after hearing Norma’s story, will be more attentive to what their animals are saying to them.  I know I will be.

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