Thanks for the input I got from my question about how to handle the use of Aliexpress products on YouTube.  I’m so lucky to have so many really wonderful people that follow me here and on YouTube.  I consider myself truly blessed to have people that are so supportive, that care enough to help me with issues and are committed to my channel’s success.

I’ve read the comments on other YouTube channels, and wonder how the video makers can continue making videos after seeing the many negative comments they receive.  That was the one thing that I was really worried about at the beginning of my channel.  Luckily, I very rarely get a negative comment, and when I do, I’m OK with it, because I understand that some people just don’t understand my hands, and for the most part, these comments come from teenagers.  I always respond, and explain why my hands look the way they do, and try to educate them about leaving hurtful comments in the hopes that maybe they will learn something from me about respect, and how their comments can hurt.  It’s probably not going to change the way they think, but I live in hope.





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