I spent the day today at our college Alma mater, giving practice interviews to the graduating seniors in the business department.  I really enjoy the process, and hope that it helps the students prepare properly for their real interviews.  This was the last interviewing day for this school year, and I have to be honest, I’m always relieved when they are done.  I’m exhausted from doing them, and I don’t have enough energy to go into my craft room after I’m finished.

I hope that tomorrow I’ll have rebounded enough to be able to make a couple of cards.  I have some fun fold ideas that I would like to try, so will probably be making them first.  I make a lot of thinking of you and hello cards, but need to make some for specific occasions, and that’s my goal for the next few cards I’m making.  One of my viewers lost her son unexpectedly in November, and I just heard about it, so definitely want to send her a card.  I also need to make a run to the post office, as I have three or four cards to send, and one needs to go to England, so I’ve been putting off mailing it…I need to stop with procrastinating, that’s for sure.  Tomorrow is definitely a mail day…I’m not going to delay any longer.  It’s like doing my income tax.  I put that off for as long as I can.  I don’t even do them, I just collect the information for them…You’d think with as little as I need to do, that I wouldn’t put it off so much, but I just dread doing them…It’s the reason I didn’t use my accounting degree to become an accountant.  I did an internship during tax season and realized it just wasn’t for me, and almost forty years later, I’m still trying to avoid them…

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