I had an idea for a thank you card and I wanted to try it out.  First, I tried taping my paper to a cutting board, but then realized I hadn’t stamped my image on it (that needed to be embossed before the next step.)  Back to the drawing board.  Took the paper off of the cutting board and ripped the edge, so that became scrap.  Onto the second card base…Same process, only this time, I put the embossing powder on and heat set it…Actually colored it and cut it out, then had trouble with my ATG and wasn’t sure if I liked it, so backed it with glitter paper with brads on the corners.  I couldn’t get the brads to lay properly, and decided they needed to be layered on foam, but had already adhered the card to the card base, so needed to tear it apart again.  Decided to try to make it even more simple, and eliminated the glitter paper under my image, and just made a white border, and glued it to the card base.  It still looks pretty pathetic, so tomorrow I think I’ll cut it apart again and add a layer of embossed paper under my original image.  How much worse can it get?  It’s definitely one of those cards that I’m never going to consider using in a video if I don’t find a way to make it look a lot better than it does right now.  I can’t believe how much card stock I tossed, hacked up, accidentally got ink on, or tore, and my frustration level was really starting to peak.  That’s when my college roommate called to catch up.  What a perfect way to end the craft day…I can always try to fix the card tomorrow.  And there’s always the trash can if I can’t.

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