I had been watching videos for a pop swing card, and really liked it.  OK, I’m not really sure that’s the name of it, but we’ll go with it for now.  I had seen a couple of crafters make it, and they were using metric measurements, and I’m too lazy to do the conversion, so nixed those videos.  I finally found one that I could use, and made it today.  I have to say, it was one of the easiest fun fold cards I’ve ever made.

I also decided to add some embellishments that I die cut..Butterflies..One large one that I used a glitter paper on, and then backed it with vellum.  I really liked the look of it once I added the vellum, and sometimes all it takes is something simple like that, to really add big impact to a card.  I’ve seen other crafters take a simple card and make it stand out, just by using a few sequins or some Wink of Stella.  Unfortunately, Wink of Stella is so hard to show on video.  I’ve watched others try to show it on video, but most have the same issues as I have.  In real life, you can see the glitter, but the lighting we use, almost kills the chances of showing it on video.  I might try shining less lights on cards with Wink of Stella, to see if that would make a difference.  If you have an idea that you’ve seen or heard to help, I’d love to know.

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