I want to stay on top of my videos, so made another card today.  I have to upload another one, so I’m always one video ahead of Rich.  Funny, I’m writing this twelve hours later and I can’t remember what the card looks like.  OK, it finally came to me, after sitting here staring at the computer screen for five minutes.  Yes, I realize I could have walked into my craft room and quickly looked at the card, but that’s not really my style, now is it?

I thought it would be fun to make an inlaid die cut card with three-d flowers and leaves on top.  I thought it came out fine, maybe could have looked better, but I’m probably my worst judge of quality.  I guess that’s just how it goes.

I got a really sweet email from Jane, (the lady that sent the box of goodies.)  I had sent her the thank you card with rainbow colors and stars all around the sentiment.  She was so thrilled with the card, and said she’s putting it on her mantle…She said it was like getting a card from your mentor and went on to say many more wonderful things.  Notes like that really make YouTube worthwhile for me.  I was thrilled that she liked her card, although it was nothing compared to the great box of goodies she sent me.

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