I basically spent all day travelling back and forth to Pittsburgh, to go to my rheumatologist.  I really like going there, as there’s a great bakery not far from her office, as well as a really big Dollar Tree.  You have to love a place where you can find a great bakery and a Dollar Tree not far from each other!

I bought some toys for the dogs and a bunch of treats, so they were really happy to see us when we got home.  I always love to see them so excited when they see new treats or toys, and it makes the long trip worthwhile.

Tomorrow is the worst day of the year for me.  We’re going to get our taxes done.  I have no reason to dread doing it, other than I fret that I lost or forgot to bring important paperwork.  And to be totally honest with you, I went to college to become and accountant.  I spent my internship doing taxes and I think it warped me for life.  I definitely knew I would rather do almost anything than be an accountant, so at least it saved me from a nervous breakdown, living and breathing taxes for almost four months out of every year.  Just think how one day of taxes messes with my head.  If I was an accountant I’d start crying in December, and wouldn’t stop until way after April 15th.  Lucky I found my calling in banking…no taxes involved.


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